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Dog Sandal "Paw Walker"
Dog Sandal "Paw Walker"
Dog Sandal "Paw Walker"

Dog Sandal "Paw Walker"

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Keep your pup's paw's cool and protected all summer.

Whether you're in the city or in the suburbs, these lightweight, durable dog sandals are ready to protect your pup's paws when on their daily walks. Your dog will be strapped in with the plush leather design, quickly personalize your dogs fit with the velcro straps.

This dog sandal provides all sorts of protection, whether you’re out braving hot pavement, hiking, or battling the elements throughout the year. These sandals were built to fit your dogs foot and are designed for comfort, Paw Club Apparel's 'Paw Walkers' were made to provide your pup with the perfect mix of fashion and paw protection. The velcro strap design

Researched and Ready for What's Next

You spoke. We listened. Paw protection is its main purpose, style and fashion are closely second. From the breathable material to the strategic placement of the straps to the pattern on the outsole for trusted traction, these sandals are designed so your pup can focus on the path ahead. 


These dog sandals were handmade by an artisanal family in Leon, Guanajuato.